A film by Mònica Rovira

Ver a


When you see someone and he dazzles you, you suddenly fill yourself with the other and no longer see anything. You just feel intensely every moment as it fades away. From the uncertainty, vulnerable, you look persistently for any hint of reality. Trying to see Sarai, her first lover, Mònica, a filmmaker in her thirties, shows what emerges from the threshold of her look.

Script / Direction / Production:
Mònica Rovira
Sarai García y Mònica Rovira
Creative production:
Laura Mas
Xabi Crespo/ Ana Ugarte/ Carlos Vásquez
Amanda Villavieja
Irene Bartolomé/ Federico Delpero/ Núria Esquerra/ Pablo Simancas
Color grading and post-production coordination:
Federico Delpero
Composition and musical interpretation (violin):
Gala Pérez Iñesta
Dound design and mixing:
Alejandro Castillo
Graphic design and poster:
Ernesto Rupérez
Translation and subtitles:
Guillermo Parra
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© Barcelona 2017 - Ver a una mujer

una mujer

Complementary note to the synopsis:

To see a woman, and to feel at that very moment that she has also seen me, that her interrogating eyes have been captivated by me as if there was no choice but to meet each other at the threshold of the unknown, of the dark and melancholic frontier of consciousness… (*) and, once there, for the first time, to see a woman.
(*) Hotel Suvretta House. St Moritz, 24th December 1929. Eine Frau Zu Sehen. Annemarie Schwarzenbach.


To See a Woman / Ver a una mujer
60 minutes
Black and white
Spanish / Catalan with Engl.Subt.
Production year:


To See a Woman is the result of an intense film-writing process over the past four years. A story intimately linked to that which beats, breaths and fades away. Articulated from within, through images of fragmented nature, trapped in specific moments, in the situations of fragility and confusion inherent to falling in love. A film that begins to weave itself as the experience is processed and put into perspective. I have built To See a Woman with the fractures, questions, gaps and shadows that grow when listening to the captured images. A subtle and precise architecture of emotional thread for a raw, naked and direct story that emerges from the experience, as true as I could be.

Mònica Rovira, November 2017. 

BIOGRAPHY Mònica Rovira

Mònica Rovira holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Master’s Degree in Creative Documentary from the Pompeu Fabra University. She also has a Diploma in Film Direction from Prague’s Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). 
She has worked and collaborated with Joaquim Jordà, Viktor Kossakovsky and Marc Recha. 
She has explored the relation between free jazz and the cinematic gesture, in dialogue with Raynald Colom, Adriano Galante and Seward, among other musicians.
Mònica researches intensely and persistently the boundaries of cinematic language through her filming: a series of recordings that give shape to an intimate and violent feeling and that bring into play the capture of the ineffable, with irreplaceable bodies, which time turns into the raw material to forge a simple and precise architecture of universal substratum. She directs and co-stars To See a Woman, her first feature film.

– El Secreto de Mamá, 16mm. 14min. Prague, 2002.
– Dolç Amarg, S16mm. 20min. Barcelona, 2003.
– Entre el Dictador i jo. Co-dirección. Largometraje. Prod. Estudi Playtime. Barcelona, 2005.